Rear Saddlebag Bar Chaps - Indian Motorcycles

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This set of two chaps covers the rear saddlebag guards and protects the front of the saddlebags from moisture, road debris, scratches, and scuffs.

Embroidery Images – The Possibilities are Endless

Customizing your bike with embroidered accessories is a clear reflection of who you are. There are ways to decide which image will work best for you.

  • View our embroidery catalogue and select one of our stock images.
  • If you have an image that you are considering, send us the image. It will be reviewed for size and suitability. If necessary, the image may need to be modified for the appropriate embroidery file format.
  • If you have an idea for an image, let us know. We can see if we have something similar or suitable.
  • If you would like your bike name, logo, or your name, etc. in text, we can easily do single or multiple colours and different font sizes.
  • You can review the website  Send the image information, file format (.dst), and number, and we can purchase it for you. 

There are factors regarding the image size and complexity.

  1. Because of the size of the engine guard chap and/or the saddle bag chap, the image should not be more than 4” in width.
  2. The length can be up to 6”.
  3. The number of colours should also not exceed 7-8.
  4. The more complex the image, the more complex the embroidery. Again, every image will be reviewed for suitability before the order moves to the production team.

We charge $50 for embroidery of stock images and text that we currently own. 

The purchase of the image or image modification varies. Files must be converted to a digital file that a commercial embroidery machine can read. The cost is an additional $50. We will work with you to adjust the costs appropriately.

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