Kawasaki Tank Bibs

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Our tank bibs are available for virtually all cruiser and touring motorcycles. They are felt-lined to prevent scratching of the gas tank surface.

The bibs are made from medium-weight, premium, Latigo leather and treated with a high-quality leather conditioner. The bib is given a water-resistant leather treatment and finally treated with 303 Aerospace Protectant. This is the most technologically advanced Ultra-Violet Sun Protectant in the world.

Each tank bib is individually built when an order is placed. Due to the volume of received orders, production time is approximately four weeks, and shipping is usually 8-10 business days. 

Options Available for Tank Bibs
There are many options available to customize your tank bib.

  • Standard side hem
  • Side lacing hem
  • Concho - Bloodknot: 1 ¼” diameter, polished stainless steel
  • Studs: non-corrosive, chrome-plated brass
  • Pocket: the pocket size will vary depending on the bike model and options chosen. We will work very closely with you to ensure that the pocket is large enough to hold all your contents.

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